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Come with your ideas, leave with product and storytelling skills, an app design, a pre-launch website and a polished pitch deck ready for investors and fundraising.


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What is 30 Days of Product?

30 Days of Product is a high-impact, 4-week intensive program designed specifically for first-time startup founders. It's where ideas evolve into a fully-designed product and a compelling pitch deck, primed for building, fundraising, and launching. We've created a unique 30 day launch blueprint that is easy to follow.

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Adrian Cole

Meet the founder

Adrian Cole

Adrian is an accomplished product developer with a rich history of launching over 30 impactful products, ranging from engines to mobile apps, over a decade.

His adept leadership and collaborative prowess have driven innovative solutions, boosting user engagement and fostering cross-functional growth. Adrian's exceptional communication skills further elevate his ability to align with stakeholders, making him a driving force in transformative product innovation.

Expert Talks: Learning from the Best

Dive into sessions with seasoned professionals who bring real-world experience and actionable advice to fuel your startup journey.

Dr. Todd Albert
Founder, CTO,

A seasoned software engineer with over 30 years of professional experience, I've been mentoring startup founders, engineers, and students for the past 22+ years and building and launching dozens of projects for startups to Fortune 100 companies. I strive to make the biggest impact between mentoring, product design, servant leadership, and coding (my first language). I've even been invited by X (the Alphabet moon-shot company, not a Twitter-rebrand) to pitch a project I was leading (and have an open-invitation back).

La'Shondra Johnson
Professor| Public Speaking/Pitch Consultant

La’Shondra Johnson is a Miami native, author, former educator, current college professor, public speaking professional and coach, award-winning orator, and upcoming TedX speaker, as well as the driving force behind Pitch It LLC, a pioneering company dedicated to amplifying influence, sales, and retention through authentic voice coaching in public speaking and branding through presentations, interview skills, pitching, and more!

Jamaila Holder
Product Management Advisor to Startups

With over 17 years of experience, Jamaila brings a unique blend of infectious enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge in product management and operations. She's not just a consultant, she's a guide who leads startup executives on a journey to craft exceptional products and user experiences that leave clients buzzing with excitement about the future.

Karen Swyszyz
VP of Design

Karen Swyszcz is a scrappy self-starter who enjoys wearing many different hats. Her career path represents more of a rock climbing wall vs a ladder. She has a combined 3.5 years of experience, working at B2B SaaS startups, with 2 of those years as the 1st Product Manager Hire.
Karen loves bringing ideas to life. She has launched several products from 0 to 1, including a blog, podcast and social venture. As a self-proclaimed introvert, she can be found reading a good book, gardening, baking or road cycling. She unleashes her extrovert side on evenings and weekends as a group fitness instructor.

Marvin Afo
UX & Web Designer

With a background in music & youth education, I understand how different people learn &I inspire them to be creative. I realized my potential to create content for myself & eventually began to design for more than 50 businesses. I’m self-taught in various creative software & I’m always learning new skills to enhance my productivity. I’m confident that with my strength in visual design, passion for empowering others & experience creating solutions, I am an upbeat & focused collaborator on any team.

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Our Learning Modules

An open laptop with a dashboard view and a graph showing.


Define Core Value
Craft Compelling Problem Statement
Define critical features to MVP

A compter monitor with color options displayed.


Learn Design Fundamentals
Collaborate with Designers on Idea Development
Transform Ideas into Well-Designed Products

A desk with several laptops and people working as seen from above.


Grasp Foundational Technology Knowledge
Communicate Effectively with Development Teams
Make Informed Decisions on Technical Aspects

A room with business people having a conference meeting.

Marketing and Raising

Understand how to launch your app
Learn how to pitch and build pitch decks
How to Capture Market Attention and Secure Funding


What you will learn

Crafting a Compelling Problem Statement and Solution

Dive deep into the heart of your idea. Learn how to articulate a problem statement that resonates with your target audience, and pair it with an innovative solution. This foundational step sets the stage for a product that not only addresses real needs but captivates the market.

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Selecting Features and Defining User Personas

Prioritize features that align with your users' needs. By defining detailed user personas, you’ll gain insights into your audience, ensuring your product features are not just innovative but are genuinely user-centric, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

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Scoping Your Project and Establishing Customer Feedback Loops

Learn to scope your project efficiently, focusing on key deliverables for maximum impact. Establishing customer feedback loops early on ensures your product evolves based on real user insights, keeping you aligned with market demands.

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Validating Your Idea for Web or Mobile Platforms

Make informed decisions about the right platform for your product, be it web or mobile. Validation techniques will help you understand where your product fits best, ensuring it reaches and resonates with your intended audience.

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Developing User Journeys and Flows

Craft user journeys that are not just logical but also emotionally engaging. Understanding user flows helps in creating an intuitive and seamless experience, which is key to retaining users and encouraging product adoption.

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Understanding Platform-Specific Design and Branding

Master the nuances of designing for different platforms. Learn how effective branding and design tailored to your chosen platform can elevate your product's appeal and create a lasting impression on users.

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Utilizing Design Tools to Create Prototypes:

Get hands-on with the latest design tools to bring your ideas to life. Prototyping is an essential skill for testing and refining your concepts, allowing you to iterate quickly and efficiently before any heavy development investment.

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Finding and Working with Developers

Learn the art of finding the right developers and fostering productive collaborations. Effective communication and management skills are key to translating your vision into a technical reality while ensuring time and resources are optimally utilized.

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Deciding on Web Hosting Solutions and Understanding Trade-offs

Navigate the complex world of web hosting. Understanding the trade-offs involved in different hosting options ensures your product is not just launched, but also scalable, secure, and accessible.

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Tech Basics: Domains, Front-End vs Back-End, Databases, and More:

Build a solid foundation in technology basics. Understanding these elements empowers you to make informed decisions about your product’s architecture and ensures smooth communication with your development team.

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Navigate Trends and Jargon

Cut through the noise! There is a lot of hype and jargon in the tech space. Learn to separate the fluff from the essentials.

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Exploring Various Fundraising Options

Unlock the secrets to successful fundraising. Whether it's personal loans, crowdfunding, or pitching to venture capitalists, learn how to choose the right path and present your idea compellingly to secure the funding your startup needs.

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Delving into PPC, Social Media Marketing, and the Power of Networking

Master the art of digital marketing. From PPC campaigns to leveraging social media and networking, gain the skills to create a buzz, attract your target audience, and build a strong community around your brand.

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Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

Learn how to build effective landing pages and leverage the power of an automated funnel.

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Why Choose 30 Days of Product?

Our bootcamp guides you from a mere idea to a fully designed product and a polished pitch deck, ready for building or fundraising.

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Comprehensive Learning

Covering everything from product design to tech essentials and fundraising strategies.

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Investor Readiness

Prepare to pitch to investors, accelerators, and for grants.

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Design Excellence

Create high-quality design mock-ups and a polished pitch deck.

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Founder Fluency

Acquire the skills to effectively run your product and collaborate with engineers.

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Market Validation

Validate your idea and build a waitlist for your product.

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Resource Rich

Access an array of resources including VC contacts and web-building tools.

Have Questions?

Free Discovery Call

Ready to transform your big ideas into reality? In our one-on-one intro sessions, we'll help you share your dreams and provide honest, actionable feedback to turn your ideas into a masterpiece, while giving you a sneak peek into our bootcamp and offering tailored tips. Let's make your dreams come true! 🚀😊

What our founders are saying

Frank Louis-Jeune

“Nothing short of amazing”

Working with Adrian has been nothing short of amazing. Adrian has a natural talent for taking any concept and refining them into something you can present to your audience and consumer base.

Frank Louis-Jeune
Owner of bem
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Invest in your vision

What's included:
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Polished App Design
$4,000 Value
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8 Live Sessions
$4,000 Value
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Completed Fundraising Deck
$2,000 Value
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Pre-launch website
$2,000 Value
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Pitch Training
$750 Value
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Support Community
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Four 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions
$1,200 Value
Only $5,000

Apply for a spot in our April cohort for an additional $1,500 off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time should I dedicate per week?

A: You will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 pm EST. Plan for an additional 2 to 5 hours outside of class time to complete assignments.

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Q: Is this bootcamp just another generic course, or does it offer unique value?

A: Our bootcamp is specifically curated for founders seeking actionable, real-world insights, not just generic theories. We focus on practical strategies and personalized guidance.

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Q: What sets your bootcamp apart from other online resources or tutorials available elsewhere?

A: Our bootcamp offers structured, comprehensive learning, providing mentorship, community support, and exclusive resources unavailable in free platforms.

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Q: How qualified are the instructors and mentors guiding this bootcamp?

A: Our instructors and mentors are industry experts and successful entrepreneurs with hands-on experience in product development, fundraising, and leadership.

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Q: Can I access the same information and resources without committing to the entire bootcamp?

A: The bootcamp offers curated content, live sessions, and a supportive community, providing an immersive and accelerated learning experience not available separately.

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Q: How do you ensure that the knowledge gained will stay relevant in the constantly evolving tech landscape?

A: Our curriculum is regularly updated to reflect industry trends and changes, ensuring that you receive the most current and relevant information.

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Q: How can a 30-day bootcamp adequately prepare me for the complexities of launching a product?

A: While concise, our bootcamp offers intensive, focused learning, condensing crucial information and expert strategies into a streamlined program for quick absorption.

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Q: Can you guarantee that I'll successfully launch my product after completing the bootcamp?

A: While we can't guarantee success, our program equips you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance to increase the likelihood of a successful product launch.

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Q: Will this bootcamp address my specific product or industry needs?

A: We cover diverse topics and offer personalized guidance, allowing flexibility to address various product types and industry-specific challenges.

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Q: What happens if I don’t find the bootcamp valuable? Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: We strive for participant satisfaction. If the bootcamp doesn’t meet your expectations within a specified period, we offer a refund policy outlined in our terms.

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Q: How will this bootcamp help with the challenges beyond product development, like marketing and fundraising?

A: We cover a broad spectrum of topics, including marketing, fundraising, and leadership, providing a holistic understanding of the entire product journey.

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