This course has been crafted with each lesson designed to help understand the fundamentals of product management, and exercises that help you refine and practice those skills.

With each lesson you complete, you will perform a set of tasks required from a product manager responsible for building and launching your own Photo Sharing App (similar to Instagram).

  • Lesson 1: What is product management?
  • Lesson 2: What does a Product Manager do?
  • Lesson 3: Product Lifecycle
Ideation Phase
  • Lesson 4: How to think about ideas
  • Lesson 5: Identify your potential customers
  • Lesson 6: Listen to your potential customers - Customer Interview
  • Lesson 7: Identify the solutions
Development Phase - MVP
  • Lesson 8: User Stories - To define the ability to sign up and create an account
  • Lesson 9: User Stories - Ability to edit your Profile
  • Lesson 10: User Stories - Ability to add photos to your own feed
  • Lesson 11: User Stories - Ability to follow other accounts
  • Lesson 12: User Stories - Ability to like photos
  • Lesson 13: User Stories - Ability to comment on photos
  • Lesson 14: User Stories - Ability to select photos to be public or private
Development Phase - Iteration
  • Lesson 15: Learning from the MVP
  • Lesson 16: Writing release notes
  • Lesson 17: Metrics and measuring
  • Lesson 18: Summary & Conclusion

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